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  • Life Uniforms: Four Decades of Dressing the Healthcare Sector


    Established in 1965, Life Uniforms has successfully brought style and value to numerous health work places through its wide assortment of medical uniforms.

    Life Uniforms Unisex Cargo Scrub PantsThe company carries medical scrubs, shoes, and other healthcare accessories that give a unified look to medical staff in a certain workplace with individuality still conveyed.

    Life Uniforms have unique programs that greatly exhibit how the company fully responds to the changing needs of the health care industry when it comes to uniforms. One example of this program is its payroll deduction.

    This program specifically caters the needs of newly hired medical staff who want to quickly comply with the uniform requirements of his employer. With this, new employees are awarded the feeling of belongingness to the workplace. Special software is integrated into the payroll systems of health care employers to facilitate salary deduction in exchange of vouchers that can be used to purchase new sets of uniforms.

    Life Uniforms have also created successful tie-ups with some major hospitals to bring their stores closer to the health workers. The program has resulted in the establishment of temporary and permanent stores in several hospitals where a wide variety of scrubs and other essential medical accessories are put on sale. This program provides convenience to the medical staff as more time is saved by eliminating the need to visit nearby store locations.

    Visiting several Life Uniforms stores will give you the chance to notice the various medical uniforms that provides professional image to the health workers. Since its inception up to the present, their stores have dressed many medical staff in various styles and designs. The company carries top-of-the-line brands, some of which are used in TV series revolving around the lives of various medical staff.

    The company also recognizes the vital roles that the health care industry plays in the society. As a way of giving due recognition to these persons, the company introduced its Employee Benefits Programs. The program presents discounts to selected apparels. They also accept customization of these apparels for more detailed exhibition of individuality.

    Life Uniforms Unisex Cargo Scrub PantsFurther enhancing its service, Life Uniforms extended its presence on the internet.With this, the company through its website still accommodates the clothing needs of the very busy health care workers who shuffle hours of duty to some few minutes of internet surfing.The orders are securely protected by the latest technologies using encryption/decryption techniques to ensure that the personal information of the medical staff is held sacred.

    With four decades of dressing the health care industry, Life Uniforms have grown to 200 physical stores – including those found in malls and large hospitals. The company through its website and hotline number also accepts orders and staffing arrangements.

    Life Uniforms with its nearly 50 years of existence to dress the health care industry has truly become one of the premier retailers of health care uniforms and all other relevant apparel. They are committed to give the necessary professional identity to all medical staff – nurses, doctors, midwifes, technicians – who need their imaging expertise.

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    outlet uniformNurses have standard protocols when it comes to their uniforms. Through the nurse dress uniform, they can be recognized among other healthcare professionals. Traditionally, the nurse dress uniforms are pure white over all. But now, everything is modernized.

    Today, instead of pure white nurse dress uniforms, the nurse uses colored nurse scrub ware and white nursing shoes. It is more effective to distinguish them from the other staffs or personnel of a hospital. There are three famous, competent and reliable suppliers in the scrub wares industry and shoes industry; the Medline uniforms and the Uniform Outlet and the Dansko nursing shoes.

    Medline uniforms’ founders have vision to develop the most cost effective products that can be applied in any medical industries like hospitals. The Medline uniforms industry offers any comfortable healthcare apparel including modern nurse dress uniform for a man, a woman, or even unisex. The Medline uniforms incorporating the nurse dress uniform or the nurse scrub ware by their color coding programs. These Medline uniforms can be purchased through online and can be delivered. While the comfortable uniform outletUniform Outlet concentrates on the quality and comfort ability of the garments.

    The Uniform Outlet competes through their local retailers. The Uniform Outlet Company has grown and expanded for over fifty branches around the country. And the Uniform Outlet has twelve brands. To complete the standard nurse dress uniforms, the nursing shoes should be complimentary with the scrub wares. Dansko nursing shoes are the most recommended brand of nursing shoes for the nurses. These Dansko nursing shoes have special features that give comfort to the nurses’ feet at all times. The Dansko nursing shoes compose of high quality of box leather that follows the natural figure of the feet. The Dansko nursing shoes company relates with the nurses’ pains and stress during their longer hours of duty.



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